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How Do You Distribute Audio? How Do You Distribute Audio?

Making the Case for Single-Chassis Systems, Time-Sensitive Networking, and Voice Control

When it comes to customized distribution and management of audio in the home, you can forgive the layperson for instantly thinking about the numerous wireless audio solutions filling up electronic stores’ shelves. But speak to a residential systems integrator, and all talk of smart homes, IoT, and control systems in relation to audio incites a hearty discussion of the pros and cons of wired versus wireless systems, the equipment used to create and manage the best distribution system, and a little hedging on the significance and impact of voice control on audio distribution systems today.

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From pricing to service, follow up and overall professionalism I could not speak higher of Eli and his company. I now send all of my Real Estate clients to NXT AV. I love going to my clients homes after the work, knowing I helped them make a great decision.
Dave Castle

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